Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Game Design Document to arrive soon

I'm taking the first steps to turn Space Captains into a better known gamedev effort.

From my side, to begin with, I've almost finished writing a first version of GDD (Game Design Documentation)  that will be used to share our current vision and roadmap for the game.

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to post on the blog!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gameplay Test Video

This video shows some of the gameplay of Space Captains.
As you can see we need a lot of graphics.
For this video, I limited it to only 3 ships and a planet.
I expect to upload another one soon, showing some shooting and explotions ;)

First Entry...

This is the very first entry into this Blog for Space Captains.

Space Captains is a multiplayer online game.
It plays on a persistent sandbox universe, meaning: "life goes on" even while players are not logged in.
You can call it a Space Sim, with lots of Strategy and RPG elements.

The main idea is to make a game with elements borrowed from:

- ELITE and FRONTIER : An Open-Ended Space Themed Story and Huge Universe.

- STARCRAFT : Action transcurs over a 2D Eagle-Eye environment. Units and Fleets are managed with a nice RTS like command system.

- DAGGERFALL : An Open World where you can do almost anything, interact with lots of NPCs and do all kind of fun and interesting quests.

- Lots of stuff I always want to find implemented in some of my favourite games, but I was never able to find...

Anyway... I believe that screenshots and video trailers are able tell a lot more than a thousand words, so I'll try to post some from time to time as progress is being done.

For now, I present you these, that were taken from VERY OLD "screen tests", several months ago, so you will be able to appreciate progress made before Space Captains went public.

This one is from one year ago. The game wasn't even online... just a test for some concepts.

This one is also from very early tests, trying to command some 20 ships... and see how the AI behaves... Certainly, it has progressed a lot since then.

This is from some early tests done to the current concept for User Interface. By then, Space Captains is already able to handle large planets, realistic physics, etc.
As you can see I still lack of a graphics designer to help in the production of original art.
By this time, I already developed the concept of Captains, and changed the project name from Y2.